Tax Services

IRS Form 1040

Staton CPA provides excellence in tax services. We assist with tax planning and tax return preparation for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, and trusts. Our team stays abreast of the latest changes in tax law and related issues so thatwe can stand behind our work and give attention to every detail that goes into every tax return.

Most people want to pay as little tax as possible. However, reporting incomplete or false information in order to evade tax liability is perjury and can result in conviction, fines,and imprisonment that have implications far worse than the initial tax burden. It is important to have your return completed by a knowledgeable tax preparer, so that you can legally claim the maximum amount of credits and deductions in order to reduce your income tax liability.

Our tax preparers are able to substantiate any position they taken on a given tax form. In addition, our firm has a five year document retention policy, so that we will be able to help you provide supporting documentation to a revenue officer in case of an income tax audit.

It is also very important to consider tax liability before the time comes due for income tax return preparation. Wise planning with regard items as varied as gifts, charitable contributions, home improvements, new vehicles and homes, and educational expenses, can result in considerable tax savings. Let us help you save your money so that you can put more where you need it.

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