Business valuation is defined as the method of estimating the economic value of an owner's business interest. There are many situations in which it is important to know the financial and economic value of a business. In the event of mergers and acquisitons, divorce, expansion, need for financing, and a multitude of other ordinary business, it is imperative to know what a business is worth in order to make intelligent decsions. Let Staton CPA, P.C. assist with all of your business valuation needs.

Determining an accurate value for a business is definitely a complicated task. A simple assumption is that the value of a business is the value of its tangible assets above its liabilities. However, there are many more factors to take into consideration, including intangible factors, contingencies, external economic and financial conditions, and many, many other areas. In the case of a dispute with another party, it is essential to retain the services of professionals familiar with the nuances of business valuation so that important points do not slip through the cracks.

The staff at Staton CPA, P.C. are ready, willing, and able to help individuals, businesses, and attorneys with all of their business valuation needs. Whether shareholders need to know the value of their privately held business, or attorneys need an expert witness or litigation support services, our firm has the expertise you need. 

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