Our firm provides exceptional individual tax preparation and tax planning services. The tax code is so complex today that it is nearly impossible for any individual that does not have expertise in tax to fully understand the tax rules and regulations in order to properly comply with their obligations. The professionals at our firm spend a great deal of time every year completing continuing education to build upon their extensive studies in taxation in order to provide expert advice and service in preparing tax returns and assisting you in planning to meet your tax obligations. Our professionals also spend much time researching tax law, court cases, and interpretations in order to solve the many tax resolution cases our firm handles every year as well as provide tailored advice to our clients. This extensive work, research, and study in taxation makes our professionals exceptionally prepared to provide unequaled service to meet your individual tax needs.

Unfortunately, there is little regulation of tax preparers in place today. This allows many unlicensed, and in many cases unknowledgeable, individuals to proclaim themselves as tax preparers. Although they may legally be able to prepare taxes, many of them are in no way prepared to provide you with quality and reliable service. Although they may want you to believe they are professionals and are skilled in what they do, they do not have credentials to back them up. Always ensure that you entrust your tax preparation and planning to someone who is competent, skilled, educated, and most of all, who you can trust. Our firm has the credentials, skill, education, and trust that is necessary for a professional tax preparer. Do not fall for the sales pitch of low prices - remember you get what you pay for.

Our firm does not crank out tax returns like a tax preparation chain. We are not out to meet quotas or revenue targets. We are not compensated based on the number of people we bring in and out of our doors. The goal of our firm is to build lasting relationships with our clients by providing valuable, professional, and personal services to our clients. We go the extra mile to ensure that our clients have all of their questions answered are in full compliance with their obligations. Bottom line, we focus on value and personal relationships and look to be your personal advisor that you can trust and can feel confident will make sure you are in compliance with your individual tax obligations.

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